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Our tenant app is an official part of rental agreements in many properties throughout Switzerland. It is used by tenants to communicate efficiently with the property management, to exchange information with neighbors and to book services. After the launch of a new app, we often go to the properties to personally answer questions and help users to register.

We are looking for several people. You will take on assignments in properties in your area. The events take place on weekdays between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm.
First you support us with a project over several evenings within the coming weeks. If you have fun and are successful, you will be asked again and again to take on comparable assignments.

Please apply here:

Annonce Informations sur l'annonceCatégories : Divers, Informatique
Âge minimum requis : 16 ans
Salaire : 25 CHF / Heure
Type d'annonce : Offre d'emploi
Date de publication : 2018-08-30 16:00:00
Nombre d'affichages : 285

AnnonceurInformations sur l'annonceurType d'annonceur : Entreprise
Nom de la société : Allthings Technologies AG
Canton : Bâle-Ville
Localité : 4053 Basel
Site Web :
Pseudo : PatrickFischer
Date d'inscription : 30-08-2018 15:52:09

Carte Localisation du membre sur la carte Attention : Il est possible que le point indiqué sur la carte ne corresponde pas à la position réelle de l'annonceur.

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