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I'm a student looking for a summer job of 3 months starting from the first of june for bartendering (or waitering),

even if I'm writing the ad in English,my first language is Italian and my French is decent

I've a Red bull accademy American Bartendering formation with references

Thank you in advance

Annonce Informations sur l'annonceCatégories : Restauration
Prix : 15 CHF / Heure
Possibilité de service à domicile : oui
Type d'annonce : Recherche d'emploi
Date de publication : 2015-05-08 21:36:25
Nombre d'affichages : 6329

AnnonceurInformations sur l'annonceurPhotographie de agides
Genre : Homme
Prénom : Andrea
Canton : Vaud
Localité : 1260 Nyon
Date de Naissance : 02-02-1996 (22 ans)
E-Mail :
Téléphone portable : +41791281551

Situation Actuelle :

2011-2015 -College du Leman
Versoix, Switzerland
AP Diploma candidate. Received honor second quarter of 11/12 grade. AP classes in Physics 1, Physics 2, Calculus AB, Art AP, Biology AP

Expériences Professionnelles :

-I did the waiter for many small occasion, professional e non
-For my course of Bartending I did two nights in the club 4 all Roma

Formations Acquises :

April 13-17 2015 – American Bartending basic and advanced, certified by red bull academy four all Roma (grade: 94/100) (with references)

Maitrise des Langues :

Italian first language
English second language (level C1)
French third language (level B2)

Loisirs :

–various lessons of culinary art and ‘mise en place’ + cooking every evening + worked as a waiter for events + organized many cooking events
–Sundays over the scholastic year, summers sailing over a laser 4.7 + some agonist race
–holidays scuba diving + advanced license
– DJ for school activity into intercontinental Geneva hotel
– I managed the Italian stand in all the cooking process + the selling during the international day

Pseudo : agides
Date d'inscription : 08-05-2015 21:05:35

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